Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Phoenix Mold Damage Removal Process

The Phoenix mold damage removal process is a delicate one. It must not be done by a company who is not certified or licensed in mold remediation, testing o removal for their safety and yours. In a mold contaminated home, the Phoenix mold removal specialists are usually suited up with a full bio hazard suit so they are not exposed to mold contamination. Once a thorough Phoenix mold inspection and evaluation has been completed, the Phoenix mold removal company begins the process of mold clean up and removal.

This must be executed by professionals. The ultimate goal of the mold clean up or removal process is to completely eliminate the growth of fungi and to remove contaminated materials. There can be many different types of contaminated materials surrounding the mold contaminated area that is the reason for proper safety hazards. The reason that the mold must be removed is due to the fact that even dead mold carries certain chemicals and proteins that can cause a health hazard to humans as well as provoke an allergic reaction depending on the person exposed to the mold proteins. Also see Phoenix handyman & home improvement services.

If the mold was caused by water damage, the insulated areas in the home are usually hit pretty hard and all debris from these contaminated area must be removed as well as any objects. The insulation will need to be replaced along with the drywall surrounding its contaminated areas. In many cases, your HVAC will need to be cleaned very well if your home has mold damage as well as your vents or ventulation.

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