Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Importance of Arizona Mold Testing

So why should you test for mold? The first reason is that if mold grows indoors it is a serious health risk and can cause many types of allergies, flu like symptoms,  heat rashes, and asthma attacks. It can be reoccurring if the mold is not removed from the building structure. Mold grows in areas that are high in temperature and with a pretty high humidity factor.

In order for mold damage to occur in a home their must be a water presence. Mold can grow and develop if a mold spore lands on a wet surface. In Arizona, most homes are not built to withstand severe damage caused by flood, rain  and in high amounts of water damage. It is always a good thing to have the home you are going to potentially purchase inspected by a certified mold inspector or certified mold testing laboratory / company.

So what exactly are the health risks that result from homes testing positive for mold? Any Phoenix Mold Testing professional can tell you the following health consequences of mold:

aggravated respiratory illnesses such as allergies, and asthma attacks

skin irritations and rashes

respiratory infections

toxic infections

This can be a huge concern for infants, immune compromised patients, cancer patients, and the elderly.