Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Preven mold damage in your Phoenix, Arizona home

There are a few things you can do in order to avoid mold growth to occur in your Phoenix home or building. Let's tak a look at a few things that might make sense in preventing mold growth or Phoenix mold damage:

  • Check your roof from time to time and clean any roof gutters, this will prevent moisture from sneaking into your home which will cause mold growth
  • Drip pans in your home air conditioning system are a leading cause of water damage that leads to mold growht, it is important to keep this clean and proper HVAC maintenance would be helpful.
  • Maintaining an adequate humidity level in your home is key because this is the leading cause to mold growth. If you are uncertain as to what you humidity level is in your home, a simple thing to do is purchase a humidity meter from pretty much any local hardware store in the Phoenix area.
  • If moisture is visible in a particular area in your home, it is important to jump on the problem immediately and do your best to dry the surface and its surrounding area. Also see Phoenix handyman service site.

These simple steps can be tremendously beneficial in preventing mold growth or Phoenix mold damage. Mold damage can cause several health issues as a result from being exposed to mold proetins and chemicals. If you have any questions you should contact a Phoenix mold damage restoration or inspeciton company right away.

The Phoenix Mold Damage Removal Process

The Phoenix mold damage removal process is a delicate one. It must not be done by a company who is not certified or licensed in mold remediation, testing o removal for their safety and yours. In a mold contaminated home, the Phoenix mold removal specialists are usually suited up with a full bio hazard suit so they are not exposed to mold contamination. Once a thorough Phoenix mold inspection and evaluation has been completed, the Phoenix mold removal company begins the process of mold clean up and removal.

This must be executed by professionals. The ultimate goal of the mold clean up or removal process is to completely eliminate the growth of fungi and to remove contaminated materials. There can be many different types of contaminated materials surrounding the mold contaminated area that is the reason for proper safety hazards. The reason that the mold must be removed is due to the fact that even dead mold carries certain chemicals and proteins that can cause a health hazard to humans as well as provoke an allergic reaction depending on the person exposed to the mold proteins. Also see Phoenix handyman & home improvement services.

If the mold was caused by water damage, the insulated areas in the home are usually hit pretty hard and all debris from these contaminated area must be removed as well as any objects. The insulation will need to be replaced along with the drywall surrounding its contaminated areas. In many cases, your HVAC will need to be cleaned very well if your home has mold damage as well as your vents or ventulation.

Phoenix, Arizona mold assessment and remediation

If mold is found to be growing in your home, it was likely caused by water leaks or in an area which the water allowed moisture for the mold to build and grow. This happens due to some sort of water leak or water damage in your Phoenix home. It is important to properly test, assess, and inspect the mold the capacity of the spore concentration as well as to determine if their is a particular species of fungi present in the mold found in your Phoenix home.

A Phoenix mold inspection should be done by a proper mold damage inspector or professional who is used to handling and working with mold samples. It is important for the mold inspector to examine the home or property throughout the premise in its entirety. Sometimes mold has a habit of growing in hidden areas of the home. If mold build up or Phoenix mold growth is present in your home or property, often times it is associated with a strong odor. It is always important to have a Phoenix mold testing expert examine and inspect your home for mold.

One of the most common forms of a Phoenix mold removal or mold test or sampling is air sampling because it can verify the existence of non-visible mold growth. Another way to get a mold sample is by sampling from the surface or the mold growth area with tape and dust samples. Lastly, many Phoenix mold remediation and testing companies will do bulk sampling which quite frankly is combining both surface and air testing to get as much information on the mold in your Phoenix home or property in large detail.